Max Payne

normal human interpretation: today, sis gotta go tuition from 4 to 7

gregorule's interpretation: today, I have 3 hours for movie!!!


so, I decided to go and watch Max Payne!!!

plan to watch it because it's a recommendation from a friend (you know who you are)




my verdict?

the suckiest movie man has ever made!!!

honestly, the story suck like hell!!!!

credits to only the graphics and the graphics alone!!!

everything suck!!!

Nigel and I fell asleep in the cinema @___@


well, I got a pop corn combo before entering the hall...

and guess what,



high school musical 3 pop corn box~


haha!!! I can't wait till the movie is out~


and what's a blogger without a petite cam whore session?



this is me, it's a long time since I put my photo up... miss me???



Nigel and I~ (he's trying to act cute)



well, that's all for now~



Nigel said…
Name your friend, his on my hitlist if I ever decide to take up the job of an assasin.

And I wasn't acting cute -.- I don't do childish stuff like that *cough*

Anyway, happy babysitting, hah!
nixxie said…
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Jynn said…
poor greg...
u dun understand the story cz u nvr play the game b4 u might felt damn bored ^^

by the way tnx for being white-mouse lolx...