list of things you can do to kill time.

the title says it all...

I have been home alone for a few days in KL,

and I say, it doesn't feel good being alone for too long a time...


here are some few things I did to kill time:

- chat on MSN or skype~ u name it!~

- watch drama, movie (anything you can get)

- play whiteboard tower defense!!! (found this new game recommended by chieese, nice to play!!! haha!! :p)

- read books, magazines, news paper etc.

- listen to music

- blogging (what I am doing now)

- clean the house (like I will, duh...)

- fold clothes

- laundry

- walking around the house aimlessly

- look for a job (looking)

- TFK (18SX)

- sleep

- eat

- dance

please give me some suggestions on how can I kill time wisely...

really need it now...

my dear readers please provide me some time killing tips~


need it, want it (TM)


p/s: malas wanan go down to makan, skipped breakfast, and oat meal for lunch~ but dinner cannot skip, if not will die sooner X__X. if like this continuously, sure till thin!!!~ (GOOD)~~