ill treated

well, I believe many people had been treated poorly before be it in shopping malls, or by friends...

I am sure everyone has experienced it before, right?


well, lets start with being badly treated in malls or places you need services:


what I dislike most about the shopping malls are the either treating you too well, or too badly...


well, I can assume you all are thinking "treating you good also kena?!"

well... you can usually see thing in places like sungie wang where the sales assistant will keep an watchful eye on you afraid that you might just shop lift... not only that, the follow you so close that sometimes you can just bang into them if you were to turn around!!!

I dislike it, I know it's their job to assist you in your purchase in that store but isn't that overdoing it?!


now, "overdoing" aside, lets talk about the other side...

when you need assistance, the sales assistant isn't there to help you out... and you will have to wait for a period too long which will eventually ptotng stim destroy your mood to shop especially for people who has less patient like me...


and the WORST part,

sales assistant that look at your appearance to see weather you are worth assistance or not...

it's sad because there are actually such sales person!

there are a few times where I went shopping with my 3 quarter pants and slipper instead of my jeans and shoe, the sales assistant look at me with a can-you-afford-this-thing look with a very discriminating tone on her voice!!! (this thing isn't really expensive) it really pisses me off, well, of course I walked out and swear never to go back to that shop again!!!



some other experience:

case 1:

it was before Chinese New Year while I went shopping for cloths in Sungei Wang. I saw a really attractive clothes and decided that I would like to have a try, it comes in black, white and pink color. since it is CNY, so no black, and I have ENOUGH pink in my closet (3 pinks consider??) so, I wanted white...

the sales girl ask me to try on the black one first and will give me the white one as she went searching for it. so, no harm if I try on the black one first right? it looks rather good ad when I ask to try the white one instead, she don't allow me to try! reason is simple, they scared I dirty the clothes. for me, if I were to get myself a clothes, I must try before I buy everything matters from size to color. because I have learnt a lesson that some cloths can look good on the manikins but not on me.

and since she don't allow me to try after a long long plead (yes I plead her for me to try on the white color clothes) and she still don't let me. being the usual me, I just walk off and swear never to go back to the shop again. some of my friends with me saw what happened and still I think it served them right!


well there is only 1 case sample I provide, if not this post is gonna be really really REALLY long @__@



now talk about being poorly treated by people around you especially friends:

let me tell you something, if you have a friend or a group of firendS who are treating you the way that you do not deserve, they are NOT YOUR FRIEND!!!

friends are supposed to help you out, to be there for you...

NOT to ask you to continuously completing task for them and fool you around like a puppet!!! if you are with that kinda people, trust me, you will be better off without them!!!

I know this very well because I am once like that, one might fall into this position is mostly because of their physical appearance: too fat, too short, or somehow too ugly. they will try their best to join in a group which is usually discriminating them hence leads to bullying and ill treating a person...

to these kinds of people, there are many people out there who will treat you way better, those who ill treat you like that are not worth being your friends and you are not worth for them to throw you around like a puppet!

ask them to fuck off!




well, I think I have said enough, and I shall rest my case here...

anyone has anything to add? kindly comment ^^