I Kill!!!

don't worry, it's just the time I killed @__@

got really hooked up with whiteboard tower defense lately due to my time killing spree~


by the way, this is my latest score...



NAH!!! 438,924 arr!!!!

I know I know, I still sick at it... I am working on it...




today's a boring day as usual...

woke up at 10 (YAY!! record broken!!)

it' not like I can sleep till 10 everyday ok...

that's why I would call myself a phototropic if I am a plant >.<



I needed to go to the bank to bank in this month's rent to Simon, but kan biasa I malas sentiasa....


sat till 12 and I recalled that mamak downstairs is selling nasi briyani!!!


it doesn't hurt rite?

to have nasi briyani instead of my oat for lunch today?

ohh what the hell!!! just go...


since I am down, might as well go to the bank and settle my thing...


so, I decided to ta pau because I wanna watch my drama at home while having my lunch~



at the stall,



see the nasi?

ohh I can smell it from there (I am exaggerating, I swear)


so I balik and makan~~



yum~ I know I know... I eat alot... @__@

needa control...

hey, it's not cheap ok this lunch of mine... RM7 ok!!!

I can have dinner for 2 days with RM7!! (now that I skip lunch and breakfast)



anyway, I have booked myself a slot with Wei Chee to KLCC on Sunday for Eagle Eye!!!

stay tuned for more post coming up!~


I needa get a live @__@


p/s : sifu faster come back, we go look for job sama sama @__@


Nigel said…
Hey, that tower defense is a rip off from Warcraft. Go play the original!

And waaaa.... you go ta pau also you can take photos *shakes head*

Eagle Eye nice meh? I see the plot...sounds a bit dumb hehe. But do tell me after you've watched it ;)