I am Tagged

this tag is really different with other tags. It’s really tough cause I din know which habits of mine which are weird for others...

I was tagged by lala ting, and she tagged: Viv, Greg (me), william, vien, mok, nixxie, Jacq, kiki, hy, amy...

ehh, lala, how la I am going to tag 10 person when you have already tagged 5 person that I already know???

RULE OF THE GAME: Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things / habits / little known facts about you. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird habits / things / little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. NO TAG backs!

seriously, I think 10 persons are too much...

so, lets reduce it to 5 shall we?


here goes~


01. too imaginative at times

well, I wonder off very easily and soon you can see me not connecting at all... and if you are able to pull me back, you'll get a very blur "huh" plus a very blur look from me as a reply.

tip: I usually smile/grin alone while I am wondering off.


02. strawberry flavor

well, not for all kinds of things... but mainly to biscuits and snacks... I like strawberry flavored waffles and love letters @___@

since snacks usually comes with chocolate or strawberry flavor, and the chocolate usually suck..

therefore, strawberry is usually my choice...

but don't get me wrong, I love chocolate too... (those REAL chocolate)


03. think too much

well, it's a very very normal personality of mine which until now some people just haven't accept it @___@

I always ponder on a situation for too long and can't seem to concentrate or focus on things I should be doing and that's where the carelessness comes form...

I used to think on how to solve a problem that arises, not only solve, but solving it with sense and where most people are satisfied... well, sometimes the problem is myself @___@

this may sound weird, but I enjoy solving problems (ok, you think I am locco now)


04. stubborn

if people really know me, they will know that I have a very thick skull and a big stubborn ass...

once I have made up my mind, no one can really change what I decided unless they have a good reason why I should act otherwise (which usually they don't)


05. still single

I will be celebrating my 21st year single anniversary really soon (5 months consider?) YAY!!!!

it's not that I don't like to have a girlfriend or what... but I like my life as a single and still not willing to let it go...

having a girlfriend a kinda means inviting trouble for me...

being single means more time for myself, doing the things I enjoy, and concentrate on my studies... (I think if I pattor, my results will rocket down)

so, now that I am single, I am free to do what I like where I like and when I like (drugs and insensible stuffs excluded)


06. blog ads

I really really really hope my blog can earn some money for me... so people, please click the ads if you seen any~

your support is much appreciated~


07. loves food

I really really REALLY love food!!!

good food for the soul~

that's why you can see from my blog that I go everywhere to eat eat and eat again @___@

which is what is contributing to my current fiscal status @___@

any nice place to makan for recommend? (Malacca and K)


08. big ass

I hate BIG ASS (referring to me)...

not only my ass, my stomach too @___@ (they are ginormous)

that's why I should get some exercise...

but.... hehe... malas.....

*ok... I can seriously feel someone giving me a sucker punch*


09. money money money

money money money, must be funny, in a rich man's world~~~

money money money, it's so sunny, in a rich man's world~~~

I like money!!!

I can spend day and night thinking how I can get more money...

and thinking what can I do if I get ALOT of money~~

you may call me sot! but money is everything in this world (provided you know what you are doing)



10. tech geek

well, I am not really qualified as geek, but I love technology~

but mainly, I support Apple products...

iMac, MacBook, iPod touch, iPhone.....

it's not only the design that I like them, it's also the graphics and the quality....

but it's alilbit pricey...


11. I tremble

I tremble most of the time, and no, it's not Parkinson disease or hyperthyroidism... (doctors don't know why as well since I have already went for check ups...)

these tremblers are most obvious when I am holding something long and thin (eg. chopstick or pen when I am not writing)


thus, most people notice it when I am holding a chopstick and they will ask me questions like :

eh, you very hungry izzit?

or, eh how long have you not been eating?


and since this happened so many times, my friends who know about this would help me answer these question, and I'll just continue with my meal @___@


12. friends

friends are everything to me, how can I ever live without them?!

well, like most people, I will certainly definitely treat my close friends better than the others... it's just natural...

and I would say, to be in my close friend list is not really difficult...

but, I will expect more from my best friend...

to my friends: I don't really expect much, just treat me the way I treat you would suffice. because I think I treat every one well enough... (just that my jokes can be a little over powering @__@ sorry if I hurt any of you...

I make friends, not enemies (those who I don't like I'll just ignore)


13. my Zen

well, everyone wants peace sometimes...

so, when you see me sitting alone quietly thinking hard...

it practically means the "DO NOT DISTURB" sign is up... (also referred to as Men's PMS) ---> MPMS (TM)

because if you do, I BITE

all you have to do is let me think and when I wanna tell people about it (usually) I will tell to my best friends. and if I think you should know, I will tell as well... (one of my problem solving signs)


14. Music

music is my LIFE!!!

tell me seriously, how can people actually live without music?!

I LOVE MUSIC!!! (includes orchestra, or just music on the radio)

lately, I am addicted to "money money money" - MAMA MIA OST ( I tengah 发钱汗)

ya, I am addicted to money as well... @__@

I learn a few music instruments as well, namely flute, trombone, base, clarinet, saxophone, horn, but the one that last the longest is the violin...

I was in the school band last time and I suck that's why...

but violin is from some music institution and I am quite ok at it I would say, but still needs polishing...

I stop violin lessons because I am leaving for KL to further my studies to the tertiary level...


15. I crap

well, I crap alot, too much sometimes...

ask Vivian, she'll tell you...

and I'll get so high myself people called it syok sendiri @___@

and I'll go laughing myself... (at my own crap)

so, don't freak out if you ever seen me in that state...



well, here's some extras~


16. Rain

I just love staring at the rain for no reason,

if I have the chance, I would like to go under the rain.... it's just fun!!!

I was taken care of by my grandmother in a kampung while I was young, and I would sit right in front of the door, facing the front lawn just to stare at the rain for hours and hours... (can't go under the rain coz if I do, I will be scolded)

when I was in KL studying foundation in PJ, I recalled that I actually walked from the Uni back to my home under the rain without the umbrella, and that time, my mood just suits the rain, it felt really good!!!


17. color

if you ask me what's my favorite color, it would be blue...

but to be honest, I love black and red clothes....

if you even see my closet, I have enough red clothes for sustain me for a week and more than enough black clothes to sustain me for a month (ok, exaggerating)

black clothes because it makes me look smarter (and thinner)

red because? I also don't know, just look good in it...

I have a few pink clothes as well, and it's sad to know that my management tutor actually refer me as the pink guy... ( why why why?!?!?!)

and I swore to myself to start to wear black to every of his classes...

oh, did I mention I have a red colored shoe?




now that I have finished, I shall hereby nominate my victims!!~


*drum rolls*



My victims (I'll tag 5 person only): Nigel, Aaron, Sook Wen, Min Zhin, and  anyone who sees this post and wanted to tag him or herself... (please leave you blog URL so that I can visit you if you decided to do this tag...)

I think it all adds up to more than 5 if a few more people decided to take do this tag...


(I know most people will ignore this tag... but then, feel free to do it even if I did not tag you)