I Am The Drama King

I hereby crown myself as this year's:

high king of drama, emperor of TBV, and lord of entertainment!~


sing along with the tune of dancing queen by abba:

" I am the drama king, young and cute, only aged 20~~~)


I myself can't really believe it as well...

but HEY!!!

I am the king of drama (it's considered really serious case for me)


I am been wondering aimlessly after my finals on how should I spend my 3 months holiday...

and at first,

I thought there was this industrial training waiting for me,

but then it's being canceled for certain reason...

so, I though I would look for a job instead...

but again, being canceled for certain reason...


so, now...

I am stuck at home all day and all night wasting my time staring aimlessly at my computer display...

since I am going to stare at the display for so long,

why not easy my staring a little bit more interesting?


so, drama it is!!!~


let's introduce you guys some drama shall I?

first, it's moonlight resonance (溏心风暴之家好月圆)


well, there are more bad guys in this drama considered to the first one (Heart of Greed). there are more cast as well. it's considered a family drama to me...

it mainly talks about how important a family is and how should family members help each other...

i was watching this during my exam period (bless me)


but personally, I prefer Heart of Greed (溏心风暴)


Heart of Greed is a long time drama already...



next up is Love Exchange (移情别恋)


this is a not-bad drama...

mostly old actors are acting in this drama...

story is ok~

so, if you have too much time, it's good to waste some time on it...

but do be warned that it gets a little boring in the middle around episode 8-12



after that, I watched A Journey Called Life (金石良言)


nice drama, considered ok~

funny and sad at times...

the ending is considered good cause it's not all a happy ending...



then it's Your Class or Mine (尖子攻略)




well, there are some sad moments as well...

but,overall it is FUNNY!!!

I was in KL alone while watching this drama and I was laughing all the while!!!


(people who are walking pass my house would wonder if the felloe inside [me] is locco)



well, then...

I am currently watching The Four (少年时大名捕)


very interesting drama...

full of suspense I would say...

worth watching~

funny at some parts....

and the have kung fu~ HaIyAr!!!~~



then I just downloaded this one

Last One Standing (与敌同行)



dunno what to say about it yet since I have only watched a few episodes of it...

but so far so good...



and another upcoming drama, airing on the 20th Oct. 2008 and I heard it's a very nice drama from TVB

The Gem of Life (珠光宝气)


can't wait...

I am still waiting for it to be available for download @__@








well, besides TVB drama, I am also watching some English drama...





Ghost Whisperer




One Tree Hill




you guys are thinking if I am gonna stop rite?

ya, I am stopping now...

these are all the dramas I have been watching so far...


am I eligible for the title I gave myself just now?



high king of drama,

emperor of  TBV,

and lord of entertainment!~