home made starbucks!

I wreally wreally miss starbucks!!!  T___T

so, today, I decided that I wanna make myself a home made starbucks quality coffee~


first, you'll need


soy milk and coffee



2 glasses (for illustration purposes, use a mug at home)



put a spoon of coffee powder and add a little LITTLE water

and it should look like this....



swirl it smoothly until all coffee powder is dissolved



then, pour the soy milk into another cup until it's almost full (remember to leave space for your coffee)



then last of all, pour in the coffee...


then, it's ready to drink~



this is a cold beverage....

it still needs some perfection before it can be really drank...

but it's considered ok...

but not really good...


anyone has any opinion on how to make the cuppa coffee better???


P/S : I tried making the hot version... and it suck to the MAX!!! @___@


PP/S : need help and advise for a better cuppa home made starbucks coffee