as promised in the last 2 posts, I went to KLCC with Wei Chee to watch Eagle Eye...





it's a very interesting movie to watch actually, it mainly talks about how technology can take over the world if it falls into the wrong hands or hands of those who doesn't know how to think correctly...


so, upon arrival...

we went to get our tickets, and at the last minute, Jynn decided that he'll tag along as well, so, it's ticket for 3~


then we went to have our lunch while waiting for Jynn to arrive...

we went to makan Kim Gary's at avenue K~



walking to Kim Gary's



the 2 varieties of soup there~



Wei Chee's order, unagi seafood baked cheese rice~



my order, salmon seafood baked cheese rice~


then, we have our deserts as well~





then Jynn arrived when we are about to finish his dinner~

and as usual, he had a hard time finding the way...

yep, he's always lost @__@


after the movie, we went to scout for probable shops that would hire us and has a good pay~

hey, working is all about the pay ok...


after all those look see look see, we went outside KLCC for a walk at the park


some pics here~



the twin tower~



the pool?



but the main thing that attracted me was this...



ohh... so this is the pool..... o0HhH KaYyy...


after that, we leave KLCC back to wangsa maju to have our dinner there~


at a renown "tong sui" (sweet water? chinese desert maybe...) shop...

which was once cheap but not now anymore...



we all had the same thing... (fried rice + black pepper pork chop) very nice I tell you @__@

still watering (my mouth, not eye nor my nose)



this is called "sai mai lou" tat's what they are known for here~~ yum~~


then we came went home~~

due to the lack of water intake today, I gulped down 750ml of water once I arrive home @__@


and now, I wanna lay back and enjoy the night by "cooking" drama~

might have plans to Pavillion tomorrow... depends on Jynn...



till then, cya!!!~

Gr3g g0 rUL3!!!!