well, I am just back from dinner and found the it's quite nice...

haven't eaten something like thins for a while already....


usually in KL, I eat economic rice, or noodles,

those food portion that are enough for only a person, and the only time will have the chance to eat rice (with a few dishes) is at home...


not this






well, we seldome cook...

so, we usually eat out...


and today, dad took us to a place for makan... and the food's quite nice~

so I decided to post it up

this place is considered new to me since I have only been there once or twice...


food we ordered :


"fu rong dan" omelette~



curry fish fillet~



some greens~


ohh, and today, I did something I have never NEVER did in years during dinner!!!


you know what is banjir kilat?

trust me, you don't see this coming...


here's presenting my banjir kilat in a bowl!~


well, for the record, I loved curry since I was a young boy, and when there is curry whatever (fish, chicken) my bowl will be banjir-ed with curry~


and, ops I did it again~