cola club!~

well, this place has been opened below my apartment for god knows how long and yet, only now I pay my first visit there last night with Liang and Jane!~


well, Liang msg-ed me at about 8 saying that he and Jane will be coming to Genting Klang for yam cha...

and also it just so happened I passed my this place...

so I suggested that we have our yum cha session there!~



the interior of the place!~



the mini bar they have there~


then we ordered our food!~~

I was craving for mocha!!! but since it's already at night and fear of not able to sleep at my-desired-time... [I have a bus to catch the following day (today)]...

and ya, I am back to Melacca today...

so, I ordered chocolate drink instead @__@


DSC00168 my chocolate drink~

tihs drink is not bad to me... very smooth~




Liang's "clear C0l@"



Jane's mushroom soup, she said it's too salty~

so, we asked her to add in some "clear cola" instead XD



Liang's cola chicken chop with rice~ (okok onli la...)



my tempura nuggets... (McD's better @__@)


after that, we had a game of stacko!~


DSC00175 my stunned + blur + whatever look














liang's sohai look @__@




DSC04218 Jane trying to take off a block carefully~




there are also live singers there to entertain us as well!!!


their voices are GOOD!!! honest!!!

but mine's better




so, I went back home,

do my thing's and went to bed around 2?

ehh!~ considered very early edi ok!!!~~~



so, now.. I have to find something to entertain myself with now that I am back in Melacca~

sis wasn't feeling well,

I am drop dead tired...

so, now.. I dream to entertain myself!!~~