a big brother, the eldest brother.

well, with great power comes great responsibility.

by power, I don't mean supernatural powers, but rather power gained by being the eldest child in the family...

I wouldn't say that being the eldest in the family is easy or hard, it has a dark side as well as a bright side...


there are times when I am just too fed up to care about my younger sister and let her do the things she wanted even if it is going to do her no good. But, I am not heartless enough to let that happen.

when I was young, my sister would take toys from me, pinch me, or even toss a thing at me. But hey! I survive till now right?!


being the eldest means setting a good example for your younger siblings. doing what's right, not what's best. (which is the opposite of what WE are doing now)

be a role model and set proper examples, do what mum ask you to do and you are a good boy. (which most of us don't agree now, which is true)

and all of this has constrict us into a world of less freedom since we have to look after and set a good example for the younger.


the youngest in the family always get the things they wanted, to us, the eldest, we have to SOMETIMES give up the things we wanted. This is NATURAL.

sometimes, I have to give up my pride and say sorry to my sister.

sometimes, I have to give up the Internet time to my sister.

sometimes, I have to give up  the toys I once adored because my sister wants it.

but again, it is only sometimes.


it must be tough ain't it? being the eldest with no one to guide you while your younger siblings have you to guide them?

I beg to differ:

NO! your parents are your guide!

although we don't approve what they did to us, what they said to us. but what they do is from their heart with NO intention to harm us, just to EDUCATE us!

this is what I have known until now,and I believe it is still not too late to find out! whatever your parents do to you has a very good reason behind it! and trust me with that!


how many of you people outside has actually argue with your parents out there?

then, how many actually felt bad about that argument? (even if you still think you are right)

and last of all, have you discuss calmly about the argument later on with your parents? do you have a heart to heart talk with your parents, and understand their feelings? THIS is the most important!

and I can answer the above question with a proud YES!



this is why I can proudly say that I know how my parents feel when they punish me. I know how they feel when they have to ask me to give up a thing I like. And all these, I can be very sure in telling you that they don't feel as good as you do.

we must know, our limits while doing a thing.

we must know, what is right or wrong.

we must know, how to do a thing right.

we must know, how to influence our siblings.

all these things, we learn from none other than our parents!




of all these years, I have learn a very very important lesson for just being the eldest, which is patience and calmness.

I have learn to be patient with my sister.

learned to me calm when my parents scold me.

I would say that it is the most valuable asset of mine that people rarely have.

how many can sit and think calmly at turbulent times? times of argument with your parents or siblings? to think of a proper solution? and to choose the best solution to solve the problem arises?

this skill can be applied to my everyday life, meeting different types of people with different personality, thinking of a better way to communicate and the ability to come out with a wiser solution to solve a complication.



I am back home with my sis lately and believe it or not, she still drives me up the wall sometimes. *shhh*


200 million sperms and you are the ONE that made it through,

it can be taken as a blessing or a curse,

but since it is a reality that you are the "lucky winner" now, take it as a blessing for there is nothing you can do to change it. rather accept it than to rant about it for the rest of your life.

take it as a chance to be able to learn all the things sooner than any other of your siblings.

and take it as a chance to think and talk like an adult sooner to you parents, and much to your surprise, you may find out that what your parents have done are of your best interest.



that's for now.

till then!~