are you stupid?!

I agree when I heard one saying: "if your child do whatever you ask him / her to do, he's not clever, but stupid"

I agree to this statement because if your parents were to ask your to eat shit, (which no parents will ask) will you?!


our parents trained us to make our decisions on a situation since we are young, but how often do the let use make the decisions?

and most of the time, our parents will interfere with our decisions leaving us in rage. a state we cannot think clearly.

that is what most happened to teenagers and young adults. for us, most problems comes from our parents.

eg. - my mum don't let me do this.

      - my dad says no.

so, here no, there cannot, what can we actually do?

this is the problem with us, teenagers. we do not understand the things happening around us. what is the reasons to our parent's action. and why our parents acted.

due to these reasons, our heart will be filled with anger and wrath. this anger will consume us and thus leads to a great argument with our parents and it lock us out from understanding the reason to our parent's action.


we seldom take the time to look into what our parents did for us, and it will never be too late to start.

if you can truly understand our parent's thought, you will never grow.


do we know how to differentiate what's good and what's bad when we are young? do you know that what is right and what is best? then, do you know your parents actually teaches you how to differentiate it?

we are no one when we are young, our parents thought us to be something we are.

we are illiterate when we are born, our parents gave us the best education making us the degree holder we are to be in the future.

we came into this world naked, our parents provide as clothes and a place to keep us warm.

who are we without our parents?!

we all came into this world with nothing, and everything we own now are given by our parents!


so, referring to the quote "if your child do whatever you ask him / her to do, he's not clever, but stupid"

I beg to differ,

our parents asked us to to wash the plates before we use it with the reason to keep us from getting ill my ingesting some undetectable bacteria.

our parents asked us to do daily exercise to keep us healthy.

our parents asked us to do things that actually in the end, benefits us.


all these things that we do daily is thought by our parents with the main intention for our well being.

if you can take time and look into it properly, it's actually for our own good.


we want to make our decisions, but our parents interfere because they thinks we are doing it wrongly.

and the thing I have found out, no parents will want to see their child suffer from mistakes they made, or even mistakes we made. and all they wanted to do is to protect us from that. with that reason itself, it is enough for them to interfere.


most teenagers rebel because of peer pressure, as much as we can see from our life:

"my friend say..."

"why my friend can, I cannot?"


and seldome you see any teens saying:

"my mum says... and I think it's true"

"my parents do this for a reason."


this can't be blamed, because teens look at the short term while adults see things in a longer term which eventually leads to misunderstanding.


go and think, and you'll find it true.


I shall end this post with a quote:

"no one in this world is born clever. you must be ready to learn to be clever. learn from your mistakes, but most importantly, from other people's mistakes."

I shall write about this in the next post.~


Teddy said…
wah u r siding ur parents a lot.. hahaha...

no fair!! we shud be rebellious!!! that is wat we r good at! haha
gregorule said…
HAHA!!! i was rebellious and really rebellious, that's why i took time and understand all these things...
Nigel said…
It is beyond doubt that parents will always our best interest at heart. That, we must always keep in mind. However, what seem right to them may not necessary be so, and that, parents need to keep in mind. Mind you, we're no longer teenagers, we're young adults. I'm sure we're more capable of doing the right thing over our wants, but we should also value their advice. Its mutual respect. A Balancing act is necessary.