day 2 after exam!!!

wow, it's day 2!!!

wish I could stay asleep al  little later to cure my brain from the fatigue I have been going through during my exam period...

but still I wake up at 8?!?! WTF...


well, looking at my room and my table (konon)...

they are in a big mess!!!!

damn I should clean it up!!!

and to much of my surprise, I did clean up abit, just abit...

coz I have this thing to separate my task into a few "sessions",

plus, I have plans later...

to pavillion (yes, AGAIN)

this makes me familiar with almost every inch off that mall already! >.<

I should get a grip of myself... @_@


anyway, upon arrival...

we went to get our movie tickets...

today we watch "black water"...


ok people get ready for my minute ranting:

this movie is a SUCKER movie...

and they said it's the scariest movie ever...

scary MY FOOT!!!

it's a movie not worth investing AT ALL!!!

the director sucks,

the actor sucks,

the crocodile sucks too!!!

that's why I am not even putting the poster here...



let's move on...


the we went for lunch at Carl's Jr.!



my chili cheeseburger and RQ's chicken bacon??? (can't remember the name coz it's damn long!)



yum~~~ *drolls*


well, we were chatting while waiting for our food to arrive...

but as typical blogger, the cameras appear only after the food arrive...

to take pictures of the food la of coz...





the of all times we choose to cam whore,

it's after the food arrive...

and mind you, we are all damn hungry that time and we actually to make time to cam whore... (with our burgers of coz...)



gogo and ahyi!!~~


DSC05210 Jeff eating away~



me and my chili cheeseburger~



Jynn, me and gogo~



Jeff and ahyi joins the fun!~


I was really at my peak over there (in Carl's Jr.)

I actually felt happy for that moment and was somehow grateful!

I have such interesting friend who can all moo like a mad cow!!!

I miss them so much..

despite staying together, I haven't been talking to them as often as usually as compared to my days during the foundation...

but today makes me felt like we are in the foundation year again!!!

we were like what I'd say "mad cows" on the lose!!!


thank you guy!!! made my day!!!

I can never forget the G-string T-back topic arise from where to out zipper on underwear so we can take off underwear like how woman take off their bras without taking off their baju... >.<


we were laughing like mad!!!

esp Jeff...

haven't seen him laughing like that!!!


it's was fun!!!


and while watching movie, my friend Charlene called...

she remembered that she still owe me a meal for my birthday!!!


so, it'll be on Monday when I get to go out with her to "claim" my birthday meal from her!!!



till then adios!!




p/s: clean room tomorrow and waiting for arrival of Oscar to come to my place... he miss "mian dui mian" lolz!!!!


e s t a n c u s said…
heys.. thnx for swinging by yah! *hugs*
Nigel said…
Black Water? Never even heard of it... No wonder it sucks :P

Nice burger man -.- Make me so hungry...

Anyway looking forward to when we can meet up, we go burger king XD but then again Melaka Burger King sucks :(
gregorule said…
haha!! melaka mah..
but we have big aple doughnuts here now!! haha!!!
but still, i prefer J.Co. :p

ya!! hope to meet up soon~ ^^V