Yoga's showcase + outing of 4~



this is Yoga Lin!!!

and he sucks!!!

maybe this is the first time i have seen and heard him singing live, but I think so maybe he's better suited in the recording studio because his pitch is all over the map!!!

anyway, we only listen to a song and leave after that:

- we have to buy something

- we need to go get our dinner

- we need to go home ASAP because there is demonstration in the city


so we move one for dinner at gasoline after scouting out some stuffs~



it was weird because i was telling how Melinda and I were behaving lately and thus, allowing me to show the dirty side of me by talking dirty jokes with my gun tooting mouth...


if you look at this picture and said "huh?!" den your mind is as clean as Ce-Yan's room...


trio AGAIN~~~


jujitsu gang~


all 4 of us... (blur I know) but please.. it's the best Liang can do...




haha~ and today's Lao Lao's Birthday!!!

here's wishing her a happy birthday and a good year ahead!~


look!! she's so happy!!!

more update on this party we have for her soon!~