well, it's a all fun lab today!~

every group are supposed to look for a member (male) to pee in order for us to conduct the experiment~

after a long discussion,

a long argument,

a long suggestion,

and a looong time...

we still dunno who's supposed to be donating his urine...


since this is the situation,

we leave our fate to luck~

we draw lots...


and the lucky winner is....



so today,

he do the peeing,

we do the testing...


it's weird I know...

handling someone's pee...

but I think so it MIGHT be my future job..



so, we solute him~


to Jeff~

wanna see his pee?


of coz I will show to you this picture...

it's pee~~


this is the *beverage* our test subject have to drink~

salt water, sodium bicarbonate, and 700ml of water...


and since the camera is on...


took this while waiting for the guys to pee (standing outside the toilet) >.<



well, wat's most funny today?

there are a few...


case 1:

in the lab, someone (test subject) ate durian last night!!!

the lab got durian smell!!!!

without doubt, came from the pee...


case 2:

me : why you wear long sleeves?!

her: why cannot?!

me: eh, I am asking you rite?!

her: yea, I like... any comments?!

me : only one...

her: yea, what?

me: you make le look like a cow! WITH HOOVES!!!!

her: started laughing like a mad cow...