paddington's house of pancakes

well, what is a weekend without good food and last minute outing?


yea... but not mine~



i woke up in the morning and on my comp.

Jane's on9!!

she ask if wanna go out....

so, it's a last minute decision that we got to the gardens~

so off we go!!!~


while waiting for Chan, we walked around that place first since it's the first time for Jane to be there...

so, we went to watch a movie!!!~

get smart!!~


really a not-bad movie~


though some scenes are really funny.. but I still think they can do better...

then. we went to have some pancakes at POHP!~

here are some of the food we taken~


yum yum~ dun ask me the name... I forgot!!~


this is what Jane had~


and this, is what Chan had~

to me, the food was ok... but for that kinda price, it's what we can have~


by the time we finished everything, it's about time to go home~

so, off we go~


so, my Saturday is not really productive...

so, I think so I'll stay at home since I am going to be broke soon~



Nigel said…
You keep posting about food...I damn hungry le... =.= Anyway sorry for not visiting so long, no laptop + internet = living on tree :(

Btw, my previous blog got shit by the admins at, so I've set up a temporary one at