trio in KLCC!!!~

plan ALMOST canceled~ but we came out in the end too~

well... we went for movies~

but what's a trio's outing without food?

we started with bagels after we got out 6:30 movie tickets~


vienna bagels~

not bad~

then we went to have our dinner at SUBWAYS!!!~

it's our long time anticipated sandwich!!!


subway's sandwich!~

it's nice and it is not too expensive too~

well then!~

it's movie time~ and guess what we watch?!


yup! superhero movies!~

well... we of course laughed our asses out!!!~ lolx~

then, jac spotted something interesting~


ANIZO!!!! phone straps... I think so you people called that~

so... 3 big babies started going all over the machine to get one for ourselves~


representing me, jac, and Liang respectively~

after the toy machine, we went to makan at none other than the....


Manhattan Fish Market!!!!

a seafood platter for 2 is more than enough to keep 3 of us full till the next morning since we already had subway's for dinner!~


Manhattan seafood platter for 2!~


Liang and I

since it's the trio... we wont leave without some cam whoring~




till we meet again!~



Vivian said…
Fuyoh~ banyak kaya lo.. haha..
Waiting for my subway sandwhich.. ^^
Falcon said…
hei how was the movie?? was it nice??
gregorule said…
ya!! the movie was great!!
laughed my ass out!!~