the trio attacks sunway pyramid!!!

on 29th of April, a day after the trio's PoM exam...

they depart at 10 and meet ay Wangsa Maju LRT station..

of course.. we have to wait for the self proclaim master again... as usual..


and we had breakfast there, so...

DSCF5645 DSCF5643

well... there is nothing to die for...

this dim sum i mean... it's NOTHING...


then off we go to sunway pyramid~

firstly we had J&Co. doughnuts~



tell me, who actually hate doughnuts... esp. from J&Co.

we had the hazelnut latte~ and it's nice!!! but the coffee can be stronger...


what we do there? you'll be wondering...

well... besides walking... eat perhaps?

well... we walk.. we walk... and we walked again...

and we ended in baskin robins Haagen dazz~


well.. if i tell you thins is not to die for... I'll be pettily lying to myself...

plus what we talked about over there... Zomgwthlmaoafkbbq~

you guess~

it's nice!!!!


time passes so fast!! it's 6:15pm and we went off to another restaurant...


yes!! SAKAE SUSHI!!!

we were so MAD

i ordered this...


yum yum~ it's nice~ onsidering the price and the amount.. i think so it's ok...


Ce-Yan ordered...


not bad... the soup is really nice... sweet...


and our self-proclaimed "master" ordered this...


hmm... cold noodles~ nice... but i like the tempura most~ ;-P


well one side dish...


nice nice... eel, egg and tofu~ nice eating them all together...

so, our outing a kinda end at 9 after we all bought J&Co. for our housemates and wen to wait for our bus~

so... it's not gonna be like us if we don't take pic. of ourselves~ so here goes~



upon entering the mall~


Liang and I at J&Co.


Ce-Yan and I at Haagen Dazz~


Liang and I at SAKAE SUSHI~

and this blog ends with the "After" pic. of our ice-creme


this good deed is proudly done by the trio~




till then~ signing off~


fat fat said…
buy doughnuts for me when u come back!!!! i wan that 1 from J&co!!!!!!!!!