things went totally wrong for me this few weeks,

it's like I am no longer in control of my life...


some people told me to just follow the flow,

but I think I should get a grip...

holding everything back,

pretend to be in control like I've always did...


but things got out of hand today after my statistics test,

when I could not solve 3 out of 6 questions,

when I could not solve almost all the questions in my Properties of Matter's test,

and also when I found out that I have problems communicating with my comrades.


this typically symbolize the moment of my life crumbling,

also one moment of my life that I felt so helpless,

this is the moment where I'd hold tight to everything I once am in control with.


this moment soon faded when the clock strikes 12,

to 28th march,

when all the messages came flooding into my phone,

while I am chatting with a group of friends in my room,

and when I am hit with a surprise from a gigantic group of friends singing birthday songs for me with a cake.

those life crumbling, helpless, and not in control moments just faded away.


and I am glad to say that this happy moment is meant to last!


nixxie said…
Happy birthday greg.. really hope u enjoy the liquor clash tat day.. so, a year older, a step wiser ya.. wish u all the best and be cool`
elle said…
glad u happy :)
i'm d one who was holding ur bday cake tat night =P