my stay at renaissance melaka ~

Note: renaissance melaka did not pay me to write this post... thus i shall bad mouth them abit... ;-P

well, you might beasking why am i staying in renaissance melaka ...
if there's something u should know about malaysians is:
we are suckers for coupons...
especially me... @_@

we have a one night free stay coupon at renaissance melaka,
and why waste that coupon?
so, pack up and go!!

once there, we went for a swim at the pool...

the water is freesing cold as we are on the 9th floor, the wind is so doing it's job...

they should set up a heater to heat up the water a little...

me, a potato on da couch~

nice couch!

this bed would have been soooo~ comfy if i dun have to share it with my dad...

very nice and soft~ ^^

nice~ nice~

took this picture while we are waiting for the lift to arrive....

then we have Pocky!!!
this is one darn expenssive junk!!

it cost me about a ringgit a stick!

i is sooo nice!!!
really u should try it!!!
it's green tea~ ^^

took this while having a walk around the pool side,

it's very very windy there!!

they have also their siries of shower products!
it's mint and thyme fragrance really relaxes~

but this hotel have the worst sink ever!

the water will clot there and never move,
i din called the room service as i dun wanna make a fuss about that...

one last pic. taken before we leave....
(me and my sista)