in KL with Oscar~

i went to KL with OScar these 2 days...
and places are filled with X'mas decors since it's just around the corner...
i must say that the decors are graceful!! *_*

this one is taken from times square!!
i love those snowflakes from the top!!

then, this is from the Pavilion!!~

elegance is the word i used to describe the outlook!!!
it's beauUUutifooolll!!

this is also from the Pavilion~


then we went to The Gardens~

i somewhat mentioned the movie"Enchanted"

an in we went to the GSC there!!!
that is the best cinema i have ever went in in my entire life!!!

see? 5 star!!!

and the service is great!!!

and i mean GREAT!!!

they have an usher to take u to the seat all the way from the counter!!!

and they have the best cup cakes (forgot to take a pic. of it) i have had from a cinema!!

the seats are comfy, u can stretch ur leg!! no prob!

and we were watching the oh so nice movie!! (Enchanted)

good place+good movie+good service and i only pay RM15(students) RRM16(adults)
whatelse can u ask for?

perfect! we went home with a great big smile on our face!!~ ^^


grace said…
the decoration is totally perfect!!!!! so beautiful...^^
elle said…
so nice n hang fuk lol^^