dine at the Italianese

this is one of the recomended drinks in the italianese~

tropical something...

i am having this drink~ ^^V nice!!

this is also another one...

my sis have this...

this is the starters...
dun ask me what name... i forgot already~ @_@

but it's really nice!!!
i mean REALLY NICE!!!!


the ever lovely once!!!

this isd best salad i had in my entire life!!!!

it has got CHEESE!!!!


the food here are filled with cheese, and garlic!!!
was one of the best italian restraunts i have been!!
it's nice~
lurve IT~~


Yeun said…
nah...ur drink was not recomended by them...it was mine he recomemded!!!! blueks!!!! anyway!!! my taste much better dan urs!!!!
1st drink is tropical sunshine, 2nd is Strawberry Colada.And the starter I think is Pharmagio Artichoke...

Lol...I worked b4 for half a year
gregorule said…
WOW~ okok~
thanks for the info anywayz~ ^^