week 2 after SPM

i was just entering week 2 after SPM well i planed ok we all planed a trip to genting (a place to have fun) it all turned out great ! we went there by but to Puduraya and then took another bus to genting. thanks to one of my friend's bro. who was an exelent tour guide, we went to "chee chong kai" (a cheep market). because of the time (we went there too early) the stalls weren't open yet. so we took our breakfast and went to genting.
we checked in to a hotel where my godmother book for us and started walking around that place . we have our meals at the staff's canteen it is sooooooo cheap compared to those where they sell outside. we went to the theme park the second day and my sister tag along we went for amusement ride and we enjoyed it ! Then we came back to Malacca by bus.....